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The National Urban League (NUL)- 10-Point Justice Plan for Police Reform and Accountability

The National Urban League (NUL) has developed the following 10-Point Justice Plan for Police Reform and Accountability. NUL believes that these action steps will be a major step forward in helping to repair police-community relations in cities across America, in significantly reducing inappropriate use of excessive force by law enforcement, particularly against unarmed citizens and in holding police accountable for misconduct:

1.) Widespread Use of Body Cameras and Dashboard Cameras

2.) Broken Windows Reform and Implementation of 21st Century Community Policing Model

3.) Review and Revision of Police Use of Deadly Force Policies

4.) Comprehensive Retraining of All Police Officers

5.) Comprehensive Review and Strengthening of Police Hiring Standards

6.) Appointment of Special Prosecutors to Investigate Police Misconduct

7.) Mandatory, Uniform FBI Reporting and Audit of Lethal Force Incidents Involving All Law Enforcement

8.) Creation and Audit of National Database of Citizen Complaints against Police

9.) Revision of National Police Accreditation System for Mandatory Use by Law Enforcement to Be Eligible for Federal Funds

10.) National Comprehensive Anti-Racial Profiling Law

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