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Our Mission

The mission of RIYP is to engage persons, age 21 to 45, throughout the state of Rhode Island in the Urban League’s mission toward elimination of racial discrimination and segregation in the state, the achievement of parity for Blacks, minorities and the poor in every phase of American life. As a volunteer auxiliary of Urban League of Rhode Island, RIYP is dedicated to bringing the next generation of leaders into the Urban League movement to develop proactive and innovative solutions to challenges our society faces. RIYP strives to create stronger communities and heightening social consciousness among its members through community service, networking opportunities, personal & professional development, and political & social advocacy.

Our Vision

RIYP supports its affiliate and the National Urban League to employ a 5-point approach in order to provide economic empowerment, educational opportunities and the guarantee of civil rights for African Americans and underserved communities:

- Education & Youth Empowerment ensures the education of all children by providing access to early childhood literacy, out-of-school time programs, an emphasis on post secondary success and resources that support parents as their children’s first teacher.
- Economic Empowerment invests in the financial literacy and employability of adults through job training, homeownership and entrepreneurship.
- Health & Quality of Life Empowerment promotes community wellness through a focus on prevention, including fitness, healthy eating and access to affordable healthcare.
- Civic Engagement & Leadership Empowerment encourages all people to take an active role to improve quality of life through participation in community service projects and public policy initiatives.
- Civil Rights & Racial Justice Empowerment guarantees equal participation in all facets of American society through proactive public policies and community-based programs.

Today In History

Black History Month

  • In 1895 - Death of Frederick Douglas

To Inspire You

I believe we can provide jobs to the jobless, homes to the homeless, and reclaim young people in cities across America from violence and despair.

Barack Obama

Upcoming Events

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Our Supporters

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