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How To Contact Us

There are several ways to make contact with us. Please feel free to choose your preferred method.

By USPS Mail

Rhode Island Young Professionals
P.O.B. 25707
RI 02907

By Phone, Fax or Email

Phone: 401-351-5000
Fax: 401-751-5782
Email: membership@riyp.org

Today In History

  • In 1859 - John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, WVA
  • In 1995 - Million Man March held in Washington, DC

To Inspire You

You don't have to teach people how to be human. You have to teach them how to stop being inhuman

Eldridge Cleaver

Upcoming Events

We're Sorry. There are no official events planned at this time. Please continue to check our site.

Our Supporters

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